Glittery lamps

5 HandMade bottle Lamps for this festival season

This festival season, lit your and your loved ones home with some unique bottle lamps. You can also use these ideas for home decor. Fasten the belts and collect some bottles (you can use liquor bottles). 1. Night Lamps with bottle and paper : Fill LED lights in the empty transparent bottle. Paste the fabric […]

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  You can use this new power to have fun with others and play around it with different ideas. Send some love letters to your loved ones and let them figure out what it says. Playing is always fun, but when you can trick someone with it, brings an add on to the enjoyment. Try […]

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My Name is

Happy Name Day!!! – Let your name be Alive and Strong

Happy Name Day !!!  Yes, you read it right 🙂 Every living being has a birthday. But, have you ever heard about Name day? Many countries like Bulgaria, Germany, and others celebrate Name day in addition to their Birthdays. And of course, these are different days of the year then birthdays. These Name days differ […]

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Happy Birthday

Theme Birthday Party

We might have seemed different theme parties. Recently we tried a small and in budget theme birthday party for a friend. And the theme was – Frog Theme (wink). You must be thinking what a fun theme, but yes, there was so much fun while preparing as well in execution for this. Let’s catch some […]

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Jack & Jill

DIY : Origami Flower – calla lilies

One fine day, two childhood friends(Jack & Jill) were sitting in a park, talking to each other. Everything was going fine, and suddenly, Jill got angry.      Do you know what Jack did?       Jack: Have you ever wondered, how many flower species exist in this world? Jill: I am not sure. […]

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Brain Storming

Sharpen Mind with simple whatsapp trick

WhatsApp has become an integral part of one’s life. We wake up hearing the message notification, chat a lot with friends and family, and upload new pics over WhatsApp status.These days, people have come up with a more intelligent pass time to help self/others improve knowledge and to be exact sharpen the mind. I will share the secret […]

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Book Gift

Gift Wrapping Ideas – Book Wrap

Have you ever wondered how a gift wrap transform a simple gift into an extraordinary one? If your friend gifts you a simple diary, and get it wrapped with a beautiful paper along with a special message, it completely changes the simplicity of the gift and the gift becomes very special. So next time if […]

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A Silent Man

Did You Ever Try This Amazing Voice Changing Game ?

Many times we wonder how many sounds we hear on a single day, starting from birds chirping in morning, a mother scolding his son to go to school, vehicle horn outside the house, soothing music in the neighborhood and much more, that we can’t even recall at end of the day. But in this running […]

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Surprise your beloved with these 7 things

Recently I visited my brother’s home. He is newly married. My sister-in-law(brother’s wife) wanted to give a small surprise to my brother. That day I felt that arranging something for your boyfriend or spouse(in long term relation) is a bit easy. But when it comes to newly arranged marriage, they feel a bit shy and […]

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Creativity – 7 Benefits on Mind and Health

Everyone is creative in their own different way which makes them unique. We just need to figure out our uniqueness. Creativity has a huge impact on our heart and mind.   Creativity distract the thoughts Depressed, feeling low, mood swings, stress, problems? We have one solution – Creativity.  It will distract your thoughts and relax […]

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