Amazing Ways To Fight Laziness


Most of us TRY waking up early morning, so we could do some exercise. We go to bed early, to study early morning. People don’t take shower thinking it’s just Saturday or Sunday. Many wear same dirty clothes daily, as they are too busy spending time in front of TV. We eat stale food because we are not willing to go out to buy a fresh one. Such ENERGISING small events happen daily in our lives. It is a common problem in today’s world and many people are failing in their life because of it. So, we bring you Amazing Ways To Fight Laziness to make your life exciting.

Understand the Reason

People feel that they are lazy, but they do not know the reason of laziness. They just want to overcome it without losing laziness. This video is a perfect example, what I am talking about.

Learning from Hobbies

We all love watching talk shows, reading books, watching cartoons, sleeping, playing video games, chatting on mobile and talking to people. But we never thought these can really help us to overcome laziness.

Yes, you read it correctly.


Watching talks like TED Talks, Ink Talks can be really motivational for few people. Even there are some awesome series like Suits, Person of Interest, Friends, Girl In The City and more which can make your life better.



Reading autobiography of great personalities will motivate as well as improve your language skills.


Watching cartoons like Phineas & Ferb and amazing anime like Naruto could really lift your life up.



Taking some sleep tests for scientific research will be a better way to pass your time being lazy as well as a way to earn some money.

Playing national/international level video game challenges/ MOBA could be a motivation factor for most pro gamers.



Many companies give some goodies just to chat with their customer. So why not to grab one soon.

If you love talking, you got countless opportunities, but taking a weekend getaway with your friend after a long time would be a great idea.

21 Days Challenge

Inspired by an amazing personality Josh and his bullet proof way to take over laziness is one of  Amazing Ways To Fight Laziness.

We have simplified it and made a ready to go plan. Take a printout of our 21 Days Challenge Sheet (Modify Quote which motivates you more) and paste it where you can see it more often.

challenge 21 Days


Set a task on the top left space and strike out the days completing the task for the day. For motivation factor, you can reward your self for every challenge you complete. You could also post your daily status on social media to keep up the pace.

As soon as you succeed, write down the motivation factor, or express your happiness in the blank area below dates on challenge sheet and recognize the hard work you did whenever you feel demotivated. And if you fail, write the reason for failure and “Try Again”.


If you still feel lazy, at least try to get your name registered in

Guinness Book Of World Record


Worlds Laziest Person In The World.