DIY : Origami Flower – calla lilies

Jack & Jill

One fine day, two childhood friends(Jack & Jill) were sitting in a park, talking to each other. Everything was going fine, and suddenly, Jill got angry.

Angry Jill



 Do you know what Jack did?




Jack: Have you ever wondered, how many flower species exist in this world?

Jill: I am not sure. Maybe, 2-3k.

Jack : No Jill… There are about 400,000 flowering plant species.

Jill: Are you serious. Don’t be crazy already. You are not even drunk.

Jack: Arrey baba, seriously.

Jill: OK then, tell me which is my favorite flower.

Jack: (In shock) What did I do wrong, I do not even remember (Thinking). This whole thing fallen on my head now.

Jill: Tell me… We are best friends since childhood, you must know this little thing.

Jack: Wait, I think I know…ummm… Can you give me a hint :p

Jill: (Angrily) You don’t remember… huhh… Angry Jill(Source)

Jack: What should I do… What should I do.. (Thinking) Idea, lets make a flower bouquet for her.

Origami Flower

Requirements: Wooden sticks (thin), glue, a pair of scissor, green craft tape, and few colored Crap papers.

Jack: Jill, listen na… see what have I for you.

Flower Boy


Jill: Jack you are just amazing, you are my best-est friend. You remembered that my favorite flowers are “Calla Lily”. Did you made it yourself.

Jack: (Surprised)Yaaaah… Some what :p

“Now we all know what Jack did.”

If you got some amazing friends in your life, you can give this simple beautiful flower and share your experience in the comments below. Also, check out our more creative ideas on gift wraps. You can also spend an amazing time with your best friend with some simple ideas.