First Date in a different way with unique surprises

feature first date

Arrange your first date with some unique ideas and surprises.

Propose again on your first date

It might be long that you have proposed him/her. Let that moment come again. Get down on your knees again with a rose in your hand (wink). You can also use chocolate cake or something different to make it memorable.

propose first date


Bake the cake on your own

Bringing a cake from the market is what everyone does. To make them feel special, prepare the cake on your own. No matter how is it, it will be full of love. If you can’t bake the cake, we have some options for you.

1) Chocolate cake :

Ingredients: Britania chocolate cake, Melted Chocolates(dairy milk kind off), Gems and other chocolates(for decoration).
Recipe: Crush the cake and mix melted chocolate and a bit hot water in it. Set it in a heart shape. Decorate it with gems and other chocolates.

2) Mix Fruit Cake :

Ingredients: Britania mix fruit cake, fruits(Kiwi, apple, pomegranate, grapes, strawberry and other if you want), Fresh milk cream, mix fruit jam.
Recipe: Crush the cake and add fresh milk cream in it for a proper paste which can be set to any shape. set a layer of the mixture and add a layer of jam and chopped fruits over it. Add a layer of cake paste and then a very thin layer of milk cream. Don’t mix Kiwi in the middle layer. You can also mix the chopped fruits in the cake paste like pudding. Decorate the cake with layered fruits.

cake first date


Morning long drive

Instead of the night, go for an early morning long drive. Feel the love and peace in the dawn.  Have your morning tea at some highway restaurant. Choose a silent path for the drive.

morning first date


Handmade gift

They don’t need any expensive gift, instead, they would love small gifts from you. Create something on your own. You can use photos to create the more beautiful and memorable gifts. Click here to see some handmade gifts.

handicraft first date

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Cook their favorite food

You can get the best food in the market. But the surprise will be the taste of your hand. Get the list of your loved ones loved food, choose some, get the recipe and get started.

cook first date


If you or your date like dancing, you can also try some amazing dance forms.

Luckily, some times, our date is our BFF, so just check out some super exciting day out ideas with  BFF.


Some Recommendations for gifts