Gift Wrapping Ideas – Book Wrap

Book Gift

Have you ever wondered how a gift wrap transform a simple gift into an extraordinary one? If your friend gifts you a simple diary, and get it wrapped with a beautiful paper along with a special message, it completely changes the simplicity of the gift and the gift becomes very special.

So next time if you want your gift to look extraordinary, add some Wrap Love along with extra touch to it and wait for a smile on your friends face.

Today, we will show you how you can wrap a book along with some extra surprise touch.

Get a book which suits your friend’s personality.


Suprise Element

1. Keep your tools ready for some amazing fixings.

Crafting Tools

2. Customized bookmarks.

Get some cool collections of photos of your friend or group of friends and get them printed. Cut them into different shape and size of bookmarks.


Insert ribbons in the hole on bookmarks with different types of strings.


Keep this special surprise inside the book.

Wrap Gift

1. Cut the wrapping sheet (I chose a brown paper) large enough that it will cover your book completely.

Wrapping paper

2. Cover book from one of side and apply glue to its edge to stick the other side edge.

Wrap one side

Stick the other side and cut the edges as shown to make it easier to stick (also provides good wrap finish) on remaining sides.

Wrap both side

3. Apply glue to the remaining edges.

Apply Glue on remaining side

Stick the remaining glued side to make it completely covered.

Stick remaining sides

Special Touch

Get a black feather and jute thread to decorate and black/white markers to write a special quote for the friend. You can also write some wishes, special moments, or some Shayari.

Git wrap complete

This amazing yet simple gift wrap idea will bring a smile to your friends face. Lastly, there is a great saying,

“A book is a gift you can open again and again.” – Garrison Keillor