5 HandMade bottle Lamps for this festival season

Glittery lamps

This festival season, lit your and your loved ones home with some unique bottle lamps. You can also use these ideas for home decor. Fasten the belts and collect some bottles (you can use liquor bottles).

1. Night Lamps with bottle and paper :

Fill LED lights in the empty transparent bottle. Paste the fabric paper on the bottle. You can also use some good looking threads to tie it from the top for the show. This is very easy and cheap to make. We can also put some handmade flowers on the top of the bottle. This way, it will look like a flower pot when the lights are turned off. Click here for handmade flower DIY. Paper lamps

2. Glitter lamp:

Glittery bottles look amazing in both the way, with lights and also without lights. To make your own,  spread some glue on bottle equally and put glitter powder on it. Glitter should be spread equally, otherwise, it will not look good with lights. Now put some lights or flower in the bottle and your lamp/vase is ready. Glittery lamps  

3. Painted lamps :

We shall use glass colors for this. We can draw some designs on the bottle with the help of glass painting colors. These designs look amazing when we lit the LED inside the bottle and they will spread all over the room. Painted lamps

4. Lamp with cuttings:

Another way of drawing is paper cuttings. We can place or paste some paper cuttings into the bottle. Different shapes like butterfly, flowers etc can be used for this effect. These cuttings give a huge reflection over the wall after the lamp is lit.  

5. Colored bottle lamps:

One very simple and easy way of lamps is to use colored bottles. Many liquor bottles are colored. Putting some lights on to the empty and clean bottle gives a very pretty effect of lamps. Coloured lamps

Some of the above ideas can also be used with filled liquor bottles when we gift them to someone. It looks amazing this way.


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