Why Pair Pedagogic is a good way to learn faster

Pair Pedagogic

Have you ever thought of learning a new language, or different styles of dancing? Have you actually tried to learn? What was its end result? Did you fail or succeed?

Being the smartest species on this planet, we have a hunger for learning and exploring. We all want to grow and sometimes, wants to showcase our knowledge too. But, we all don’t succeed. The reason for most of us failing is, we are not able to face the difficulties while learning and feel dropping out which seems more convenient for us. This is the reason why frustration and negativity come inside us. So, to overcome this, let me introduce you to one of the most effective technique, Pair Pedagogic, you should try to learn faster.

Working in pair


Pair Pedagogic is a technique in which two people are paired to work on a problem. The problem could be from any background, whether it’s photography or painting. It could also be programming, cooking or any other background. The goal of the problem will be to work in pairs only. This approach is practical and has actually benefited people to learn faster.


Working on a problem in a pair is not just sharing ideologies, it’s more about listening others, appreciating thoughts, learning from others and building a better connection and network. You will be more open sharing, your knowledge gain confidence in public speaking and much more.


Pair Pedagogic has a twist, after a fixed short interval (maybe an hour, or two, or sometimes a day), depends on your goal time, the pair has to be changed and retrospection has to be performed. A retrospection is a small group discussion, where a group of different pairs shares what all they learned, their approaches towards the problem, any special technique/shortcut and keys for improvement. This could also be an opportunity to partner with another person.

Pair Change


Pair Pedagogic has still not ended, there is one last twist. Every time you pair with a new person, you have to destroy your previous work and START AGAIN. Yes, you read it right, you need to destroy your previous work. This will help in understanding the problem better and now you can apply better approaches and learn faster.

Destroy Work



This is Why Pair Pedagogic is a good way to learn faster!!