Surprise your beloved with these 7 things

Recently I visited my brother’s home. He is newly married. My sister-in-law(brother’s wife) wanted to give a small surprise to my brother.
That day I felt that arranging something for your boyfriend or spouse(in long term relation) is a bit easy. But when it comes to newly arranged marriage, they feel a bit shy and reserved.
At that time I got some new ideas for the surprise.

Surprise Date

Arrange a surprise date for them at home.

surprise date

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Candle light Dinner

Cook something special, new dish or something you both love. Decorate the dining table with some flowers, candles and arrange the food. If available, you can use red and white table cloth to make the table more attractive. Don’t forget the music.

surprise dinner

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Decorate Room

Decorate your room using LED lights, candles, flowers, pics and balloons. Give it a romantic look. As soon as they will get into the decorated room, it will make them feel special. You can also refer some creative ideas for room decor.

surprise room

Surprise Gift

Put a well wrapped small gift on the center table. You can also put your wedding ring into a box, pack it, decorate it, and place it. Small gifts make different space in heart.

surprise gift

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Cake to Celebrate the time

Order a small cake of his/her favorite flavor. You might be thinking, why cake ?
Most of the time, when we are celebrating something, we use cake. This is a celebration of your togetherness. Cut the cake together and celebrate your moment.

surprise cake

Flower Shower

Giving a bouquet or flowers is very common as we see. This time, try something new. You can collect some flower petalsĀ  in a bucket or some deep container and hang it over the door such that the petals will fall as soon as the door will be opened. Or put the petals on the fan and turn the fan on when the person will come under the fan. By this, there will be a flower rain on the person with a surprise which will make them feel happy.

surprise flower

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We all are kids. Play some interesting couple games also for fun like crossword or so.
You can find some amazing couple games here.

surprise games

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Find some more surprises here.

You can grab some required material from here :