Theme Birthday Party

Happy Birthday

We might have seemed different theme parties. Recently we tried a small and in budget theme birthday party for a friend. And the theme was – Frog Theme (wink). You must be thinking what a fun theme, but yes, there was so much fun while preparing as well in execution for this. Let’s catch some glimpse of it :

Cake :

The first thing that comes to mind when we say birthday is birthday cake. This is very awesome and very easy thing for our celebration. We just have to order the cake as per the theme. So we ordered a Frog birthday cake(not the cake made of frog, but the cake in shape of frog).

theme birthday cake

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Gifts :

How can we think of a birthday without a birthday gift? And when it comes to a theme, we need to be very choosy about gifts. To execute the theme, we can collect small related gifts. Soft toys, hand puppets, pen-stands are some gift which is easily available or can be created. We created a pen-stand related to the Frog theme.

theme party gift

Gift Wrapping :

When there comes a gift, there comes a gift wrapping as well. And for a theme party, another exciting and interesting thing we have got is theme gift wrapping. Collect your gifts and wrap them in a frog.

theme party wrap

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Decoration :

When we celebrate a birthday party, it’s fun to decorate the room/house. Balloons, ribbons, cartoons are few things to use in decoration. Few things we can use :

  1. Use green balloons and draw some face or eyes on it.
  2. We can use green ribbons and other decoration stuff matching to the frog color.
  3. Use face mask for all the attendees.
  4. Create some cartoons or pics of frogs. Try this DIY.

theme party decoration

Games :

When everyone gets into games, whether they are elder or younger, everyone becomes a kid. Organize some games like frog jump or find the frog. Also with the birthday boy. Like, play tipi tipi top game with the birthday boy/girl to give gifts.

theme party jump

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Tell us what was your idea for a grand theme party and how made it the special for the birthday boy/girl.