Throw a Small Anniversary Party in your Budget

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Planning to throw anniversary party to your close ones? Let’s plan a small party with new elements and that too in the budget.

Invite Your close friends

Spend some time with your close loved ones. And to make the party shorter, choose your guests wisely. If you are inviting a married friend, invite them with the spouse. This will add more fun to your party.


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Handmade card or Mail Anniversary invitation

If you want to do something out of the box, think out of the box. Try to make some invitation card on your own. Or create an interesting email invitation so that your guests cannot resist coming.

Anniversary Invitation

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Cook at home together

Let’s start some fun with your favorites. Let your kitchen also have some fun(wink). Cook for the party with your friends and show the talent. Try some different and new dishes (A sandwich without baking). Include men also for more fun while you cook. Men have their own talent to cook.

Anniversary Cooking

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Arrange DJ for Party

Arrange some high sound speakers which will give DJ effect for dance. The best part of any function is the DJ/Dance party with friends. Play the music and Get on the floor.

Anniversary DJ

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Small dance competition in random pairs

Our chemistry is always best with our partner. Add some twist here. Make some random pairs, and have some small challenge with a dance competition. You can arrange some gifts for the winners.

Anniversary Dance

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Try out different Games

Our inner child comes out when we are with friends. Try out some childhood games again, but, with some twist this time. Like couple chair race, word puzzle where you can specify the range of words ex-match the words which are related to the host only and much more. Try amazing couple games for fun.

Anniversary game

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Paper Dance

Great fun without expenses. You just need a piece of paper between 2 people, music, and a referee. Fold the paper after every segment and decrease the distance between two of them.

Anniversary Paper Dance

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Make a small outing like some picnic

If you have sufficient time, you could plan for a small picnic. Pack the stuff, and hang out a little.

Anniversary picnic

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Opt for Virgin drinks (aka mocktails) or coffee instead of Alcohol

Alcohol can be expensive and also not good for health. There are many things to try in mocktails also. It will keep you fresh too.

Anniversary mocktails

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Make props for photo shoot and professional photographer

Everyone love to click pictures these days. Create some props for your day and start the fun all together.

Anniversary Props

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