Did You Ever Try This Amazing Voice Changing Game ?

A Silent Man

Many times we wonder how many sounds we hear on a single day, starting from birds chirping in morning, a mother scolding his son to go to school, vehicle horn outside the house, soothing music in the neighborhood and much more, that we can’t even recall at end of the day. But in this running life, we actually do not get enough time to even listen to our own voice.

Talking Sheeps


Do you know, our voice is so precious that we can’t live without it. We are so habitual of talking, staying without it even for a single day can make us mad and it is impossible for one who talks a lot. BUT, apart from its usefulness, we all have used it, at least once, for our naughty side. Once in our lifetime, one has definitely made fun of somebody by changing voices, at least on a phone call.

Changing voice is not so easy for all, especially when it comes to making voices of a small child or a very old man. But now it has become possible to change voices with a simple trick.

Gas Balloons


We are talking about a gas which can change your voice in real time. Yes, you read it right, the gas when swallowed in limited quantity changs your voice tone for some time. The gas about which we are talking is used to balloons. This gas is none other than Helium Gas.

Nowadays it has become so popular, it is been used in some of the most amazing couple games. Check out the video below:

Note: Do not swallow too much of Helium. Please read this for more detail.

Play with friends with this amazing voice changing technique. Make videos of the funniest moments and share with us.